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Tzolk'in player
scoring markers

Tzolk'in player scoring markers

Handmade score and progess markers for board game Tzolk'in the Maya Calendar.

each color has 1 big marker for scoring points and 6 small markers for keeping track of progress in technologies and temples.

they are handmade by me using polymer clay.
all markers fit really nice with the game board.
they can be used with other board games as well.

colors: blue, red, yellow, green + orange from expansion

Size: big marker -1,5 cm tall, 1,5 cm long 
smal marker 1*1 cm

price: 1 color (big marker + 6 small markers) 6 euro
all 5 colors (5 big markers + 30 small markers 30 euro

if you have any questions or please use contact formular below.


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