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How i started sculpting


How i started sculpting

i love playing board games. One day i was looking around for expansions to my favorite board games and i came across a forum about board games. Someone have posted a photos with handmade tokens to board game agricola and it hit me like a stone. i want to have them no matter what :)

On that forum it it was written that they are made using polymer clay. I was very curious - what is this polymer clay?? i started to google it and  a few months later i finally got the courage to buy some polymer clay. the first thing that i made was food plates for agricola board game and a few Christmas decoration (it was around december 2015). 

for the first 3 months i was only making clay tokens for my board games. After using them for few times i just cant imagine playing again with boring wooden cubes that comes with games. After that i started to experiment and i made my first dragon :) friends and family really liked him and they encourage me to make some more dragons. As time went by i started to experiment and make some flowers, animals etc. Now sculpting with polymer clay is my biggest hobby :)

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