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tiny squirrel

Handmade tiny squirrel

This is a family of brown handmade squirrels. They are really friendly animals which love adventurous – almost as much as they love acorns! The clay squirrels live in a huge tree where they can relax after an eventful day.

each tiny squirrel is handmade by me using polymer clay.
You can chose the design of your tiny squirrel:
(standing, laing, holding to for example a laptop or a table, with or without acorn, with baby etc)

they are about 4 cm tall. acorns are 1 cm long.
if you have any questions feel free to use contact formular below

Price for 1 tiny squirrel 15 euro
Price for tiny squirrel with a baby 22 euro
+ shipping

  • product may slightly differ from pictures
  • not for children (small dangerous parts)
  • less detailed figure - smaller price

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