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clay octopus

Handmade clay octopus

Octopus is handmade by me using polymer clay akryl paints, epoxy resin and a bowl from garden shop.

This octopus is one in a kind projekt.


if you are interested in having your own octopus feel free to used contakt formular below.

i can make your octopus in any color with or without paint, with resin or just standing.

Price for complex octopus like on the photo is 150 euro + shipping cost.

To make complex octopus i need about 20-30 hours of work
fist i have to sculpt octopus then bake her. After clay octopus is baked and cold i use acrylic paints to paint details on skin, then after paint is dry i use paints again to paint some more details. After painting is complete and paint is dry i mix resin to create water effect. During that time i glaze octopus with resin - for wet look and protection.

  • product may slightly differ from pictures
  • less detailed figure - smaller price

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