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Agricola Major

Agricola Major improvements

the major improvements for Agricola board game are handmade by me using polymer clay.
Each of the tokens is design to match major improvement card from Agricola.
they are standing on the base that is matching precisely hexagons from the card.
Each fo them is unique due to they handmade nature.
Polymer clay is a very strong material - perfect for making gaming meeples.

You can order only one figure for example Agricola Village Well or you can have them all :)

they are very tiny 
size of the base is 3,8 cm in diameter 
the biggest of them is stone oven - about 4,5 cm tall. 

price for 10 improvements: 90 euro
price for 1 improvement: 10 euro


  • product may slightly differ from pictures
  • not for children (small dangerous parts)
  • less detailed figure - smaller price

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