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food tokens

Agricola food tokens

Are your Agricola farmers bored with standard wooden tokens?
You can take your agricola experien to the next level with this handmade tokens set
Each plate has a piece of meat, bread and a little carrot.

All pices are handmade and unique.
they are made using polymer clay - perfekt for making custom tokens for board games.
This handmade meeples are made for agricola board game but they can be use with other games as well.

with this set you can chose is you want your plate to be white (like on the photos) or yelow like plates in Agricola board game

food plates are about 1,3 cm in diameter - same size as original Agricola food markers.
each pice of weed (grain) is about  1,5 cm tall
carrot is about 2 cm long (including the green leaf)

you can order only half of this set. If you play your Agricola with 1 or 2 people you dont need complete set.
if you have any questions feel free to contakt me.

Price for complete set: 80 euro


  • not for children (small dangerous parts)
  • less detailed figure - smaller price

This product contains:

27 X grain tokens

36 X food (plate) tokens

18 X vegetable (carrot) tokens

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