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Agricola building
resource set

Handmade Agricola
resourse set

With this set of building resource for Agricola board game you can feel that you aktualy collect wood, reed, and stone.

Size of tokensĀ  is between 1 and 2 cm (reed is the biggest one)

All pieces are handmade by me.
Polymer clay is a very strong material and is well-suited for consistent play of board games. I only make pieces for games that i own - all pieces have been tested by my and my friends.

Price for full resources set: 55 euro

You can order half of this set for half price!

if you are interested in ordering this set use contakt formular below.

pieces are VERY SMALL, and are not intended for for small children.

  • not for children (small dangerous parts)

This product contains:

33 X wood tokens

27 X clay tokens

15 X reed tokens

18 X stone tokens

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